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Caramel apples are brilliant. I really like caramel. I really like apples. I also really like the dentists office. Whenever I walk by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory I am engulfed by the wonderful smell of chocolate, fudge, and caramel apples! Now, mine may not be aesthetically perfect, but they sure do taste great! I’ve always wanted to make my own caramel apples, but the process of making my own caramel (or melting pre-made caramel) seemed like a lot of work. So low and behold…caramel apple wraps! 20140329-235948.jpg     20140329-235959.jpg   (1 apple = 10/11 slices) You’ll need:

  • apple
  • caramel wrap
  • wooden stick (mine came with the caramel wraps)
  • toppings (eg crushed M&Ms, crushed nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips)

20140330-000006.jpg The process is simple enough:

  1. Wash and take the stems off of the apples. Dry.
  2. Take paper off of caramel and gently stretch caramel without ripping.
  3. Wrap around apple completely.
  4. Microwave on medium-power for 15-25 seconds until caramel is slightly softened.
  5. Push (stab?!) stick into the top of the apple.
  6. Roll and press around toppings on plate.
  7. Cut up and eat!

20140330-000028.jpg 20140330-000015.jpg   20140330-000022.jpg