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I bake macarons quite often, so when my sister drops by occasionally I’ll give her some fresh macarons to share with her boyfriends family. And so my sister’s boyfriends sister is getting married in July. And she’s asked me to bake macarons for her wedding favours. 150 of them. Hello, I’m only 16! I’ve never baked more than 25 at a time! I’m excited though.

DSCN1361    I have a question and if anyone knows the answer to it, I’d love to know so leave a comment down below! Is it ‘macarons’ or ‘macaroons’? I say ‘macarons’ (as you know) but I see ‘macaroons’ EVERYWHERE and now I’m starting to confuse myself. Macaroons are the coconut treats, are they not?


PS: I have a new macaron recipe that I’ll be sharing soon!