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It’s been waaay too long since I’ve done a Top Ten post! Looking back on previous posts, I’ve never realized how much I’ve changed in the past year. Well, hello puberty! Although the physical part of puberty sadly hasn’t done much for me. Why am I talking about puberty now?

So here goes, my Top Ten of March 2014.

1) Supernatural!  I was sick/spring break for 3 of those weeks, so when you’re in bed with nothing else to do…well, Netflix comes to the rescue! Supernatural is a fantastic show with wonderful characters and a well-written plot. Plus: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins? Yes please.

2) Buzzfeed! It’s a really great and addicting site with a lot of entertaining aspects. I love doing the quizzes and reading all the lists.

3) Tumblr!  I have a lot of friends who go on tumblr, so in January I decided to start. . It’s a great platform for connecting with people around the world who are interested in the same things as you!

4)  Bastille! They’re a wonderful indie-rock-pop band that has really great vocals and instrumentation. Their acoustic versions are amazing!

5) Watercolours! I’ve recently become super addicted to painting with water colours. I am, by no means an artist. I’m a beginner! I just love how the colours blend together. 

6) Ellen Page! I’ve always loved Ellen Page. Besides being freaking gorgeous, she’s an amazing actress and role model. I hold a lot of respect for her since she came out. (Post about “coming out” to follow)



7) Slow-mo videos! These are pretty great. My friends and I love doing random things and filming it in slow motion. You are guaranteed a laugh!

8) The Killers! Great band. Amazing albums. Enough said.

9) Bates Motel! A prequel TV series to Psycho. Really interesting and intense. The second season started in the beginning of March, so you still have time to catch up!

10) Lush! This beauty/cosmetic store is pretty much the only one that I shop at on a regular basis. I rarely wear makeup, but most of Lush’s products are geared towards skin care, with natural ingredients. (Favourite product post to follow!)