Hello! I had this brilliant idea today to start a monthly trend of the “Top 10 things that I’m currently loving!” Now, this is completely my personal opinion, and if you hate what I love, than I wish you an amazing life, but please keep your hate mail to yourself. Maybe you’ll discover something really awesome, or you’ll learn something along the way, and that’s what I hope to achieve. Enjoy the Top of June!


Not in order of preference, here it is!

1) Miley Cyrus in the Backyard Sessions from 2012. A friend of mine recently showed me these, and I’ve fallen in love with her natural voice. My friend told me that he’s never been much of a Miley Cyrus fan but if she stayed this way, she could have gotten the attention for what is important, not in the scandal section of the news. She’s absolutely gorgeous in all of these videos, and her voice is incredible. Her new songs are very auto-tuned and all about controversial issues. Yes, I know she’s aged and is now more ‘mature’, but she isn’t setting a good example for young girls. The ‘old Miley’ is who girls should be looking up to.

The Links:

Lilac Wine


Look What They’ve Done to My Song

2) Macarons. Yes, I am your typical blogger who adores macarons. And yes, I’ve failed. A lot. But I’ve made a few good batches! I ate my first macaron when I was in New York last summer and honestly, I didn’t care for them that much. I think I ate it in like one bite. I’m a bit of a food hog. But I was also quite focused on the fact that it was around 40 degrees Celcius out! So freakin’ hot out.

3) Pentatonix. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to listen to them. NOW. They’re an a capella group of 5, who are extremely talented. They cover songs and have a couple originals. Amazing! They were on the Sing-Off and won as well.

The Link:

Pentatonix’s Youtube Channel

4) Graceland. I only started watching this show a few days ago, because it was recommended to me by a friend. This TV is fairly new I think, and I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit! It’s  about a group of undercover agents from the FBI, DEA, and Customs who are all living together in a house that was seized during a drug raid. Okay, I’m sorry, that was a very bad summary, but if you really care, go Google it 🙂

5) Golden Oreos. I adore Oreos. I would marry them if I could. Honestly. But if you make Oreos Golden, well that just makes them 5,000 times better. No need to elaborate on my love for Golden Oreos.

6) Creep by Scott Hoying and Caitlyn Notey. Oh my gosh, this cover is amazing! I’m not the biggest fan of the original, I definitely prefer this cover! Both of their voices are incredible and fit together so well! The guy, Scott Hoying, is from Pentatonix (whom I mentioned earlier) so if you love his voice, you’ll love Pentatonix!

The Link:


7) Mint Chocolate Ice Cream. I used to hate Mint Chocolate Ice Cream. Really. I was 100% a cheesecake or strawberry girl. I’ve now converted to Mint Chocolate Chip. I’m actually more of a Lucerne Ice Cream Brand lover, but I like the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Breyer’s because they don’t put food colouring in it anymore. So now it’s free from food colouring. Which means it’s healthy. Not really. Yay.

8) Eliza and the Bear. This band is awesome. You know when a friend tells you about a band, or you hear a song on the radio and you’re thinking “How have I not heard of this band before? They rock!” This is that band. They’re a bit indie, a bit pop, a bit electric, and maybe a dash of folk. How awesome is that?

PS: I lied. I didn’t hear the on the radio, nor was I told by a friend. Soundsearch recommended them! If you haven’t heard of soundsearch, you should definitely check them out! You make an account, tell them 3 bands/artists that you enjoy listening to, and they send you new music suggestions that you might be interested in! Sweet right?

9) The Ceremonies. Again, another band whom I thoroughly enjoy listening to! They’re a trio of 3 brothers, who are influenced by indie, pop, and all that jazz. Oh wait, no, they aren’t influenced by jazz. Get my drift? Their music is so fun and happy, it makes me want to get up and dance around the room. Which I do. With my dog.

The Link of my favourite song by them:

Straw Hat

10) The Dweller’s Saga by David Estes. These books are incredible! I definitely reccomend these books if you need something to read this summer! David is an incredible writer, as well as a great person! The plot is so unique, the character’s are relatable, and the price is affordable. Triple Bonus!

I hope you enjoyed my list of “Top Ten for June”! I’ll be doing this again next month so stay tuned!



**All opinions are my own original ideas. I am not in any way affiliated with these Top Ten**