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Hello! I’m in love with this cream cheese frosting! Enjoy!



Made 3 dozen cupcakes for me!
For Cream Cheese Frosting you’ll need:
-250 grams of slightly softened cream cheese
-1/4 cup of slightly softened butter (or half a stick)
-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
-3 to 4 cups of icing sugar aka powdered sugar
I recommend sifting the icing sugar before adding it to the butter/cream cheese mixture so it’ll be waaaay easier to mix without all the lumps!
Beat together the cream cheese and butter until creamy (I did it by hand but you can definitely use an electric hand mixer). Add the vanilla extract and beat for another 30 seconds or until thoroughly mixed together. Start adding the powder sugar 1 cup at a time and beat after each cup added. Keep on beating until it reaches your desired consistency without clumps of icing sugar. Refrigerate covered for atleast half an hour if you want it to be a little thicker!