Hello! I’ve been wanting to do a beauty favourites post for a while now…so here it is! I’m not much a make-up wearer, but I do like to wear a bit of mascara and usually some eyeliner. I’ve never liked the pile-on-a-ton-of-makeup-and-look-like-a-racoon look…just the basic eye enhancing stuff! I do enjoy some good ol’ perfume though! So here are some of my beauty favourites in general!

In Cha-Ching Cherry

 Let’s start off with hair! 

I’m not a big fan of hairspray because it makes your hair all crunchy and sticky. I’ve found that most of the mousses made my crunchy…but I’ve finally found one that doesn’t make my hair crunchy, smells awesome, makes your hair super shiny and soft, has a nice dispenser and is cheap!

I bought this Aussie Sprunch mousse/leave-in conditioner at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada for about $2. I think it was on sale though, but regular it’s around $3.50 which is still awesome. It has a really awesome dispenser which I think works really well (sorry, I forgot to take a pic!) I definitely recommend this one if you want a durable mousse. I love to use it to scrunch my hair up a bit after I curl it to give it a messy texture!
I really love this Huini Power Polish! It used to be my sisters, so I have no clue where she bought it and how much it was! I always use it before I use any heat (hair dryers, curling wands ect..) and sometimes I’ll use it even if I’m not using heat cause it smells awesome and makes my hair super shiny. I also find that it reduces frizz!
Next, Make-Up!
So, I like to use some liquid eyeliner on special occasions, but it’s pretty expensive sometimes. I was shopping down in the States a couple weeks ago, and saw this elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in the Dollar Tree. I bought it because, well it was one whopping buck! I’ve heard a lot of reviews about it drying up really fast..but so far, mine’s perfect. It works really well and I LOVE the tip of this one so much compared to brushes!
I think this product is a gamble, but for $1, you aren’t losing much.
I received this Clinique Chubby Stick from my aunt a few months ago for my birthday! I don’t usually wear lip colour to school, but if I do, I wear this one. It’s a bit expensive (around $20) but it glides on really nicely and lasts a long time. This one is in #14 curvy candy. I really love the colour of it! It’s a really pretty pink that isn’t too bold, but gives my lips some nice colour. The Clinique Chubby Sticks are very moisturizing and have awesome crayon-like tips! Perfect!
I also received this Lancome Juicy Tube from my aunt, which I think belonged to a pack of 5 at one time..so I’m not sure if you can buy this exact one at retail price. This one is in Magic Spell and gives my lips a super glossy shine! It’s a bit sticky, which I’m not a fan of, but it smells heavenly. Like strawberries and apple pie!
I ran out of this amazing lip balm a few days ago, but this is probably the best lip balm ever! As you can see in the picture, the actual balm has a swirly pattern to it (light pink with a darker pink) like a “smoothie”. This one smells really good and gives my lips a really pretty shine. And it also makes them super soft of course! I definitely recommend this lip balm!
Now for perfume!
I’m pretty picky about my perfume. I really really hate it when people wear wayy too much perfume/body spray. So here are 2 of my favourites that aren’t super over-powering and still smell amazing!
I received the Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume for Christmas as a gift. I’ve really enjoyed it because 1) It smells amazing 2) The bottle is gorgeous and 3) Well, I just really like Taylor Swift. I know, that was a bad reason to love the perfume.
I ALSO recieved this perfume/lip gloss as a gift!
For the perfume, it smells flowery (peonies to be exact!) and is super convienient in a nice roll-on tube. The smell lasts the whole day and isn’t too strong. My friends say that it smells like something my grandma would wear..so either my grandma has a really awesome taste in perfume, or I walk around smelling like an 80 year old lady.
For the gloss, I think it’s supposed to smell the same as the perfume, but I personally think it smells a lot  sweeter and a bit fruitier! It has a nice nice shimmer too it, and gives my lips a pearly shine without the stickiness!