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Hello! So as promised, here is Part 1 of two new recipes! These are actually brownies really, but I baked them in a cupcake tin so technically they’re cupcakes. Browncakes. Literally.

Aren’t they beautiful?

So I really love the look of the plain browncakes (yeah, that’s what I’m calling them from now on) but I felt that they needed the frosting to add some more sweetness and colour! These are super easy and so yummy! Really! They’re really moist and chocolatey. Did I mention that they are extremely easy and you only need 3 ingredients? Yes!

I frosted these ones with this cream cheese icing and added cocoa to it!
Nutella Brownie Donuts! I used this pan by Wilton
Oh yes, for the recipe, check it out here!
I also added a little bit (a couple pinches) of baking powder which I hope made it rise a bit more. Does baking powder actually help make stuff rise? I read that it does somewhere…maybe I’ve been mislead? You could definitely use self-rising flour although I personally haven’t tried it!