Hello! BIG news!

I just chopped off about 12 inches of hair today! I’ve slowly been growing tired of my long locks, so I decided to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

After heavily researching different programs to use, I found Pantene was the most reliable. Pantene gives the real-hair wigs to women with cancer for free, no matter what their income is, unlike Locks of Love.

Pantene requires a minimum length of 8 inches, which is 2 inches shorter than most programs. I thought this was great for me, because the shortest layers that I cut off were 8 inches and the longest was around 12 inches.

I’m feeling amazing right now! My hair is soo much bouncier and fun! I still can’t get over that fact that my hair is short. It hasn’t been this short since I was really young! My new cut is layered from my chin to my shoulders. Short-medium hair has a stereotype for not being versatile, because of well, it’s lack of length obviously! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for some tutorials on how to style short hair..there aren’t very many! So I’ll be posting some tutorials on easy styles for short hair soon!

My natural hair vs curled hair

I surprisingly found curling my hair VERY difficult today! Is it just me? Well, it was mainly the back of my head which has some pretty short layers. It’s tricky! I still thought that it looked really cute curled and straight. I’m planning on braiding my hair before I go to sleep (not sure how yet) and seeing how the waves will look in the morning! I’ll post pics tomorrow!

On a side note, to be honest, all I’ve thought today was “I’m a short haired girl now”. I’ve ALWAYS considered myself as a long haired girl who googled ‘long hair tips’ and ‘how to style long hair’!