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Hello! This is incredibly simple and cute! It’s a bit of a step up from the original (which I still love by the way!) I’ve been eyeing the canvases at Dollarama, yes, I said Dollarama, for a while now, and I finally decided to splurge a whole 2 bucks!

You’ll Need:

-A canvas
-Paint brushes
-Scrap Paper
-Acrylic Paint of your choice
-Paint holder (I used a tart tin)
-a permanent marker

1) Draw your design out on some scrap paper in it’s desired size

2) Outline it with a permanent marker.

3)Tape the paper onto the BACK of the canvas. You should be able to see through the front of the canvas when held up to a light source (window, lamp, flashlight ect.)

4) Lightly trace the letters onto the canvas with a pencil.

5) Paint!

6) Once the paint is dry, hold it up again to the light source and fill in an sparse spots.

7) Let it dry, and add any finishing touches! And yes, I know that my paint job is pretty messy….I dont have a steady hand! I just like to think that it adds some unique flair!

And you’re done!! 🙂