Hello! I’ve always wanted to buy some tinted moisturizer..but I’m just a little too cheap to buy a tube of stuff thats pretty much the same as moisturizer+concealer! I can’t believe that I’ve never thought of this before because it’s just so simple! This is a great way of using up concealer that’s maybe a bit too dark or if you don’t particularly like it.

You can also easily swap the moisturizer for sunscreen!

You’ll need:
-Some moisturizer/sunscreen
-Some concealer
-A small container (optional)

1) If you’re using a container, pour some moisturizer 
into the container. If you’re making the tinted moisturizer as you need it (like me), just pour a little bit into your hand.

2) Now put a little bit of concealer onto your hand/container. You can adjust the amount of concealer depending on how light or dark you want it.

3) Mix it up! If you’re using a container, use a stir stick or something similar. Don’t want any nasty germs hanging around in there!

Now, you’re done, and you have fabulous customizable tinted moisturizer!