I may or may not have a HUGE obsession with dollar stores, in particular, Dollarama. It’s crazy how much stuff they have for so little money! Although most things are over one buck, there’s still some pretty awesome stuff!

What I bought:
-One 12″x16″ canvas
-2 Dream Catcher Kits
-A pack of elastic headbands (6 per pack)
-A travel kit (8 pieces)
-Package of duotangs (Pack of 4)
Do you lose your headbands? I always lose them! I’ve grown a liking to elastic ones, which are a great for running and sports (perfect for me!) These ones don’t have a grip like most do, but they’re cheap…but I find that they actually stay really well in my hair! 
I bought one of these dreamcatchers before in purple, which was really fun to make, but doesn’t match my current room anymore. I’ll be posting some pics of them and a tutorial tomorrow so stay tuned!
I’m always in need of duotangs for portfolios and projects for school, so these are insanely cheap! I’ve also bought them before, and they’re pretty good quality! Double bonus! These mini travel bottles are perrrrfect for well, travelling! I love the little tubs (in the middle of the package) because they can hold homemade lip balm, lotions, and lip scrub! Yay!
This canvas was probably one of my favourite buys ever! I’ve seen them at Michaels for $10, and well, I’m really cheap. Of course this canvas isn’t art quality, but it will suit my needs for an upcoming project   for this weekend! 
Do you love Dollarama as much as I do?  
These boxes were at sale at Michaels today for only $1.40 each! I’ve been looking around for some awesome storage boxes for awhile now at a good price, and I finally found them! These are really good quality, with really cute patterns that match my room nicely!