Hello! These nails are ridiculously easy and adorable! It’s funny, for a girl who doesn’t like pink, I paint my nails pink A LOT! Oh well…enjoy!

You’ll need:
-2 different colours of nail polish
-top coat

1. Paint two coats of the lighter coloured polish onto your nails, letting dry completely after each coat.

2. Place tape on half of your nail (I horizontally alternated top and
bottom on each nail! But you can go diagonal, vertical ect…)
3.  Paint the UNTAPED half of your nail with the darker nail polish colour!
4. Make sure your nails are COMPLETELY dry before peeling of the tape gently, going with your line of colour change (in my case horizontal!)
Have you ever put henna in your hair? If not, you should try it! If you buy it from an Indian grocer, it’ll be 100% natural and healthy! It makes your hair super silky and soft, but be warned light-haired people, it’ll  make your hair go reddish-orange. But who knows? Maybe that’s your thing!
  I’m no expert on this, but here are some facts about henna that you should know:
-Henna stains your hair, so you won’t have nasty roots when your hair grows out! It’ll just fade away!
– On average it’ll last about 3-4 months
-Henna will vary depending on the colour of your hair
-It’s good for your hair and chemical free
-Real henna will make your hair go reddish-orange but there are other kinds of henna with other dyes to make your hair black or blondish (real henna is the best for your hair!)
-It’s also body art!
My hair is naturally super straight and black! After I used henna in my hair, it now has some reddish-brown highlights and in the sun it’s a really pretty auburn colour! After letting my hair sit with the henna for about 3 hours, I washed it out and french braided it (hence the gorgeous waves). It’s now super shiny and soft! Although, I do get a whiff of it every now and than…and its not the best smelling stuff..
As well, my friends and I had a henna party with body art a couple days ago! Super cute and fun!

Before taking off the henna….

And yes…we may be VERY multi-cultural…gotta love it!
Have any of you tried henna?