Have you heard of The Host? It’s pretty new out as a movie although it was originally a book. I read the book by Stephenie Meyer a couple weeks back, which I liked so naturally I wanted to see the movie. After watching the trailers, I thought that it didn’t looked as good as it could’ve been. And I was right. It wasn’t awesome..but it wasn’t bad.

What I liked:
-Max Irons as Jared
-The place where the souls flew to other planets
-Mel’s voice in Wanda’s head (I found it super annoying, but I could relate to Wanda!)

What I disliked:
-No Walter 😦
-The Monster scene (when Wanda/Mel walk in on Doc “extracting” souls) BAD ACTING…I had to laugh out loud…really!
-How many parts from the book that they took out!
-Ian. Was it just me? I didn’t picture Ian as that at all!