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Hello! Don’t you just hate it when your earphone cords are tangled up, when you really just wanna jam out to some awesome music? Well these  earphones are super adorable, as well as functional! I probably did my first one a year ago, and I’ve gotten SO many compliments on them! They just add so much personality!

You’ll need:
-clear nail polish
-your choice of embroidery thread
-old earphones that need some spicing up (good quality!)

For the Visual Learner:

For the Reader Learner:

1) Tape down the plug onto a table
2)Tie a knot as close as you can to the plug. Dab a little bit of polish onto the knot. Let dry mostly.
3) Pull the thread UNDER the cord
4)Than pull the thread OVER the cord
5) Now pull the thread UNDER the loop on the left of the cord
6) Pull so the knot is close to the last knot you made
7) Tighten the top by pulling it to the right.
8) Continue making knots and adding polish at the start and end. A swirl pattern will form after a couple inches so don’t worry!
Note: When switching colours, cut about 2 cm of thread and dab a bit of polish on the last knot you made. Than make another knot with your next colour and dab some more polish. Make your “4” knots over top of the extra thread and cord.

If you have any questions or concerns, just comment or email me!