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I’ve been seeing hair bows EVERYWHERE on the internet lately…they’re the cutest things ever don’t you think? After some quick research, I found out that these adorable hair accessories are super easy to make! Continue reading for some simple instructions to make your very own bow!

What you’ll need:
  • Pretty fabric…
  • A sewing needle
  • Matching thread (I know…mine doesn’t match in the 1st pic)
  • A bow holder (clips, bobby pins ect..)
  • Scissors
  • An iron (optional ~it creates crisper edges and makes it easier to keep the folds~)
For the visual learner:
For the reader learner (yeah, I don’t know what it’s called):
1. Get all of your supplies ready!
2. Cut out a rectangle with a length of 18cm and a width of 10cm.
3. Fold down the top and bottom edges lengthwise. Iron if desired.
4. Fold the side edges across so they overlap. Iron if desired.
5. Fold in an accordian style so you’re pinching the overlapping edges (they should be on the inside)
6. Sew back and forth!
7. Cut out a 3cm by 4cm piece of fabric. Fold it into thirds so it has a width of about 1cm.
8. Wrap around the middle of your bow and sew it up. Make sure your knots (beginning and ending) are on the back of the bow! Adjust edges to keep them even.
9. Add your desired type of clip and you’re done!
Additional Tips and Tricks:
The possibilities are endless! You can….
– Add a safety pin to make it into a bow tie
-Hot glue it onto an old head band!
-Make a mini one, add a chain and ta-da! Chic cloth necklace!
Are you obsessesed as I am with bows?